Inadequate masks, failure of Health facilities in US

Some Developed countries including US failed in terms of health facilities and system. Since the covid-19 outbreak, fashion organisations as well as home sewers have been making masks like anything.

The production has been carried on since then so as to overcome the critical shortage of masks and make it available to the medical workers serving humanity.

Many clothing companies as well as individuals offered to help and in fact, have been manufacturing masks , but there’s a problem to it.

The production is done using fiber which is available with them. House sewers are mostly using cotton cloth, which offers only little protection in case of the virus.

The material used in N95 or medical masks doesn’t let much of the particles penetrate and thus offer protection.
It isn’t the mistake of the producers, they are in fact, helping in every possible manner. It’s basically the failure of the US health system that didn’t had the required quantity of masks and also the capability for production in case of such outbreak.

It was seen that US invested in equipments, tests and medicines instead of masks which weren’t in sufficient quantities even to fulfill the needs of medical staff, working day-night to save lives, while being at a high risk on their own life.

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