India – Father Rapes Daughter While Mother Becomes Bystander

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the worst of humanity. In India, the migrant laborers who have been flooding the roads to go back to their villages have faced an enormous sense of insensitivity from the government as well as the people.

A less-discussed aspect of the lockdowns has been the effect on people who are stuck in their homes. Many of them have had to face devastating mental health consequences because of this. An incident coming from India has shaken the conscience of the entire nation to a huge degree.

It brings to the fore the problem which had been highlighted by many experts. People are being forced to live with abusive families whom they could normally prevent. Let’s find out what happened in India.

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India - Father Rapes Daughter While Mother Becomes Bystander


A girl in Madhya Pradesh has come forward with the allegation that she was raped by her father twice during the lockdown duration. These details were shocking enough but what came as a bigger shock was the fact that her mother knew that this was happening.

The girl has claimed that her mother knew everything but chose to be a bystander while her father continuously raped her. The girl’s parents have come up with a different version of their story. They said that the girl was in a relationship with a man that they objected and hence they were being framed.

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The girl’s elder sister was the one who informed the police. She had been locked to contain this devastating information. The police have detained the parents for the time being. The girl has allegedly shown bite marks on her cheeks and injuries on her wrists to prove this allegation. The case is currently undergoing further investigation. The nation would certainly come together to show the perpetrator his real place behind the prison locker cells.

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