India Tries To Boycott Chinese Products – How It Can Hurt Itself In The Process

The relationship between India and China is strained at the moment, to say the least. The border tensions between the two nations have trickled down to the behavior of the general public. Hundreds of people across India forwarded Whatsapp messages to their friends and family, asking them to boycott China completely. This didn’t just include Chinese goods, it also included Chinese apps.

Riding on this bandwagon, a Jaipur-based company rolled out an app to help its users do the same. Developed by OneTouch AppLabs, the app called “Remove China Apps” allows its users to identify and uninstall apps with Chinese origins. Within just a few days of its launch, it was downloaded more than 1 million times. Some of the apps that this particular application ideas as Chinese are TikTok, SHAREit, Xender, BeautyPlus, etc.

Whatever the aims behind this boycott may be, they have long-term consequences for Indians as well.

India Tries To Boycott Chinese Products - How It Can Hurt Itself In The Process

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As a result of the globalized economy that we live in, it is nearly impossible for someone to completely and successfully distance themselves from China, especially without harming their own selves.

Moreover, the diversified nature of Chinese goods and services makes this even harder.

The reason that boycotting Chinese goods can prove to be a problem for Indians is that they are largely dependent on them – as both producers and consumers.

India Tries To Boycott Chinese Products - How It Can Hurt Itself In The Process

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Many Chinese-origin phone brands have established assembling units in India. These units provide employment to hundreds, if not thousands of Indians.

The auto industry and electronics industry in India is heavily dependent on components from China. Brands such as MG Motor India and Great Wall Motors depend on China for components.

Chinese-origin applications are also extremely vital for people in India. Apps like PUBG, TikTok, and UC Browser are a source of income for many in India.

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