Indian Woman Set On Fire By Stalker

A devastating incidence of violence has emerged from India. A woman has died after allegedly being set on fire by a man who had been stalking her for months. The victim was a college lecturer.


The woman died on Monday, a week after she was attacked on her way to work at a college in central Maharashtra state.

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The victim had sustained 40% burns to her body, with deep injuries on her scalp, limbs, back and face. The horrific incident didn’t stop here. It is alleged that the man used a stick soaked in petrol to inflict the burn injuries.

A man named Vijay Kukade was a witness to the horrific incident. This is what he had to say –

“I turned my bike around to see what had happened. But instead, I saw a woman burning in the street,” he told BBC .


Usual reactions have followed the horrific incident. The locals have been demanding death penalty for the accused.

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However, once again, by painting few individuals as deviants, the society is trying to shrug off its burden. It is a known fact that stalking is a known menace in India that many women go through on a daily basis. Giving capital punishment to some might satisfy the bloodlust of a few individuals, but how that helps in the long term solution of problems is up for question on a more grounded basis.

The problem is more structurally related to our social practices. Until and unless a solution is found to change that, no punishments will be sustainable. It will only help in deflecting attention.

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