Indonesian Fashion Designer advertises human-spine made handbag

Arnold Putra, an Indonesian fashion designer has been selling a handbag purportedly made up of alligator tongues and ‘an ethically sourced’ human spine, which he claims to have come from medical surplus in Canada.

The item called outrage, since the handle of the bag is believed to have been made of genuine spinal cord of a child.

In 2016, Putra had shared the picture of a bag on his instagram page and mentioned that it is of a child that had osteoporosis.

The handbag worth $5000 first went on sale in 2016. Not much attention was paid to it at that time.

But recently, a 19-year-old student and curator named Maxim posted a screenshot from @byarnoldputra to his Twitter account @wqbisabi, from where it was widely spread and then, people bombarded Putra’s instagram account , asking questions about its source and why it was turned into a handbag.

Maxim, in an interview with Insider said:

“I shared it simply because I thought it was something others had to see,” he told Insider. “I can’t believe he’s gotten away with what he’s done.”

On being asked about the source of material, Putra said he hadn’t travelled anywhere to collect it. It was, rather,Medically sourced from Canada with papers.” It is possible to buy bones from licensed companies that receive human specimens donated to medicine and occasionally sell them as surplus

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