Indoor workout routine is driving people crazy amid Covid-19

The Governments of Italy, France ,Spain and many other countries have lockdown the population of their countries to bring the  Corona virus spread to a halt. As a result, gyms are also closed. However, the people have started working from their homes and workout is no exception!

Many have opted for different household equipments to set up their machines for workout.

Some have shared tik tok hacks and workout ideas such as spilling oil in the kitchen and holding the kitchen self and walking on it like a treadmill.
But in addition, the demand for treadmills has risen like anything.

People are scrambling to bring these equipments to their home.
The companies selling these equipments reported the panic purchases people are making are leading to lack of stock. Families have been purchasing five to six different treadmills, one for each person. Also, the sale of dumbles too have gone up.

Additionally, people are ordering stationary cycles. The online stores selling these equipments have resumed the delivery operations and adopted various measures to ensure a contact-free delivery.

They give instructions to the customers for opening the door gate before they arrive, and step back atleast three meters so that these can be taken into the house.
Such measures need to be followed strictly to fight covid-19 together.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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