Influential Women who Achieved Big with Small Effective Ideas

In one of our previous posts we had mentioned about few influential men and the lessons that can be learnt from them.
Well, there are few women as well who have achieved a lot with their hard work, smart work and innovative ideas.

Here, we talk about 3 such women through whom many important lessons can be learnt by various entrepreneurs.

3 Influential Women who made a Difference –

1) Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay’s eponymous cosmetics company remains an icon of the direct sales model; but Mary Kay Ash didn’t just leap into the business without training. As an employee, she sold books and other products door to door for decades, grinding her way up the ladder.

A successful salesperson in Dallas, Ash quit her job in 1963 because, she said, a man whom she had trained was promoted above her at twice the salary.

She planned to write a book, but her notes became instead a business plan for a beauty and cosmetics company; that relied on women to sell merchandise to their friends and acquaintances through direct sales (otherwise known as multi-level marketing). She also pioneered the use of sales incentives; turning her company’s signature pink Cadillacs into a sign of women’s economic self-sufficiency.

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2) Erica Feidner 

Despite a long sales cycle and little volume driven by repeat purchases; this legendary piano saleswoman sold more than $40 million in Steinway & Sons before retiring a few years ago.

It is not unusual for Feidner’s customers to describe her as a force of nature,” the journalist James B. Stewart, one of Feidner’s clients, wrote in The New Yorker in 1999. “This is not because they feel pressured by her but because after they meet her many soon find themselves in the grip of musical ambitions they never knew they harbored. These ambitions often include buying a specific piano that they feel they can no longer live without, even if it strains both their living rooms and their bank accounts.”

She has been deemed the “Piano Matchmaker”; and was featured in the New Yorker as well as Inc.Magazine as one of the greatest salespeople of all time.

3) Isabella Weems

All Isabella “Bella” Weems really wanted was a used car. That desire set in motion a chain of events that led to the Arizona teenager spearheading; what is now a multi-million dollar enterprise that she may someday control.

Earn it” – That was the answer that Bella got from her parents when she, 14 years old asked if she could get a car when she turned 16. She then got the idea of starting a company, Origami Owl, that sold customizable lockets. To get the ball rolling, Bella held “parties” at her house where friends and family could come as well as purchase separate chains (between $12 and $22), lockets (between $14 and $46) and charms ($5 each); that they could put together to create pieces that told their individual stories.

The company now does hundreds of millions of dollars each year in sales; with over 300 employees and 60 000 distributors.

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