Inspirational Hinduism Quotes and Sayings

Hinduism is an Indian religion and dharma, or way of life. It is the world’s third-largest religion, with over 1.25 billion followers, or 15–16% of the global population, known as Hindus.

“That which we call the Hindu religion is really the Eternal religion because it embraces all others” – Aurobindo

“Hindu religion does not consist in struggles and attempts to believe a certain doctrine or dogma, but in realizing not in believing, but in being and becoming – Swami Vivekananda

“Hindu Dharma is the quintessence of our national life, hold fast to it if you want your country to survive, or else you would be wiped out in three generations”. – Swami Vivekanand

The essence of Hinduism is the same essence of all true religions: Bhakti or pure love for God and genuine compassion for all beings.” – Radhanath Swami 

“Hinduism insists on the brotherhood of not only all mankind but of all that lives.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Krishna taught in the Bhagavad Gita: ‘karmanyeva-adhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana’, which means, ‘Be active, never be inactive, and don’t react to the outcome of the work.” – Anonymous

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Hinduism is a relentless pursuit of Truth. Truth is God and if today it has become moribund, inactive, unresponsive to growth, it is because we are fatigued; and as soon as the fatigue is over, Hinduism will burst upon the world with a brilliance perhaps unknown before.”- Mahatma Gandhi

“A spiritually illumined soul lives in the world, yet is never contaminated by it.” – Bhaskarananda

“Our soul intuition is a faculty of God. He has no mouth, yet.” – Anonymous

“The ultimate goal of human life is to transcend culture and personality to the unconditioned pure being. But the means to do this is through our culture and way of life.” – David Frawley

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