Instagram to cease Bullying by implementing Machine Learning using AI

Instagram is growing to be more than just a community. It’s not just about feeds and posting pictures anymore. A safer and more reliant platform is a concern these days. Instagram is implementing machine bullying to detect bullying. Earlier this week Instagram announced a new set of anti-cyberbullying features. Basically, photos posted on the app are optically scanned to detect bullying and send the post to Instagram’s community moderators for review. Apparently, harassers won’t be able to post defamatory notes or threatening posts anymore. Also, they cannot post a photo of them to bypass Instagram’s text filters for bullying.

Instagram always aimed on keeping this platform a safe place for the community. The CEO of Instagram Kevin Systrom added “Since Mike and I founded Instagram, it’s been our goal to make it a safe place for self-expression and to foster kindness within the community. This update is just the next step in our mission to deliver on that promise.”



Proactively, the enhanced comment filter was introduced last year to spot offensive words in challenging contexts. This year, the company is expanding similar machine learning to photos and captions. The company will be using AI to “proactively detect bullying” before sending content to human moderators for review. This new feature will be available to the community in time for October’s National Bullying Prevention Month in the US and just before Anti-Bullying Week in the UK.

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Adam Mosseri, the new head of Instagram mentioned on their blog “There is no place for bullying on Instagram.” He also added that if people see that kind of hurtful behavior on our platform, they can report it, and we remove any content that violates our guidelines. Bullying leads to complication on this online platform. That’s why they announced their latest tools to help combat bullying, including a new way to identify and report bullying in photos. The same technology is also being added to live videos to filter comments there as well. The blog also talks about a camera effect “We’re also introducing a camera effect to help spread kindness in Stories.”

New Camera Effect

Instagram is launching a “kindness camera effect” as mentioned earlier which conveys to us like it’s a way to spread a positive message as a method to boost user engagement. This “kindness” camera effect will be collaborating with New York Times best-selling teen author, dancer and actor, Maddie Ziegler. Surprisingly, to use this effect, you will have to follow Maddie Ziegler. You can also use this effect if you see someone using this effect. All you must do is tap “try it”. And then add it to your camera if following Maddie is not in your greater interests. “To learn more about today’s updates, visit and the Instagram Help Center. And to review our newly launched resources for parents, visit”

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