Instagram Lite for low-end Android Phones

Instagram has always been in the news for various new updates, but recently on the 27th of June, they silently released Instagram Lite. This is a simple app which is in fact officially from Instagram.

Why Instagram Lite?

The Instagram Lite was brought to light without any official announcement. But the company launched it on the Google Play Store with the following description –

The Instagram Lite app is small, allowing you to save space on your phone and download it quickly.

The Instagram Lite is launched keeping in mind all the emerging nations like Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. These countries basically have the following problems –

  • Lack of resources.
  • People have older devices.
  • Phones with Storage problems.
  • Slow connectivity issues.
  • Better devices are quite unaffordable.

In order to make Instagram available for countries with the above problems, Instagram Lite was the solution. Instagram Lite joins other companies such as Twitter, Uber, Messenger, Facebook, Google Go, Skype, etc.
We had earlier mentioned about Instagram reaching 1 billion monthly active users. Thus, clearly Instagram is growing even wider with this Lite (lightweight) version.

How close is it to the original Instagram?

According to TechCrunch, Instagram Lite weighs just about 573KB, whereas the original Instagram app size is 33MB. Hence, Lite is 1/55th of the original Instagram app size.

Instagram Lite Screenshot
The following can be concluded regarding Lite –

  • It’s small but quick.
  • Easier to Install.
  • Devices which are short on storage space and bad connectivity problems, can still download Lite.
  • Photos could be posted on feed as well as Stories.
  • Browse the Explore Page.
  • Filters can also be used for the posts.
  • It can also be downloaded on Android 5.0 Lollipop.
  • Videos cannot be uploaded.
  • No stickers, GIFs, etc.
  • Direct Messaging is also unavailable.
  • No pus notifications as of yet.
  • Settings allow Emails and SMSs to be received.
  • It is available only for few selected countries.

Hence, clearly Instagram is on a roll with all the new updates, such as long videos via IGTV, Stories, etc.  And with Instagram Lite, the company would soon reach another billion users.
The competitors, especially Snapchat have a lot to think about if they still want to be in the race.

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It is currently being tested in Mexico. But would surely spread to the other developing countries soon.
Although it’s light on functionality side, it is indeed a breath of fresh air for the people with low-end devices.

Instagram Lite can be download by clicking here or with the APK Mirror by clicking here.

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