All about Instagram (PART 2)

In our previous post (All about Instagram (Part 1)), we had mentioned the history and various features of Instagram. But these features could be used easily by the frequent Instagram users. What about the ones who use Instagram not so frequently?

Well, not all have the time to experiment with the different features and what they would do or how to operate the features, etc. Hence, this post mainly concentrates on the in-depth details about how to use all the features of Instagram.


These were extremely famous at the time it was released. So much that people started using # in their normal verbal conversations as well.

1) Firstly, click a photo by clicking on the ‘+’ sign or you can select an image from your gallery as well.

2) Now do the necessary editing like add filters, change the brightness, sharpness, etc.

3) For the next step, the app will make you go to another side where in you can add description about your photo. It’s at this place where you can add hashtags by using ‘#’symbol before your famous words.

4) Now click on add post and the post will be uploaded to all your friends and followers.

There can be a total of 30 hashtags on each photo. These hashtags can also be added on your previously uploaded posts as well as on stories and if you click on the hashtags, then you can check out all the upload related to it, posted by other users.

Follow, Block and Unfollow-

Once you open Instagram app, you can go to your profile and find out who you’re following or who is following you.
You can click on the search button to find a particular person who you would want to follow. Another method is to click on the heart button, this button would show you who all liked your posts, who have sent you follow requests (in case of a private account) and you can also see few suggested users to follow, if your account is linked with Facebook.
You can also click on that person to unfollow them immediately.

In case you are irritated with a person then you can block the person by going to the person’s profile and clicking on the 3 dots (settings option) in the top right corner, and then click on block.


Instagram stories are much like the Snapchat stories which later got copied onto Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.
In order to put up a story, it can be done in two ways –

1) By clicking on the app which leads to your usual insta feed, and then you must swipe right.
2) By clicking on your photo with a blue ‘+’ sign on the top left corner, where normally everyone’s stories can be seen.

When you’re on the Stories page, you can either click a photo, or choose options near the click button by swiping right or left, like Type, Live, Boomerang, Superzoom, Rewind and Handsfree. You can also choose any picture or video of 15 seconds from your gallery.
Once you’ve clicked/chosen the picture/video, then you can add various filters by swiping right/left. You can stickers, hashtags, polls, GIFs, etc. by swiping up. Or you could add text by selecting ‘Aa’ on the top right corner.

If you want to edit the visibility of your stories, then you can go to your profile page, click on the 3 dots at top right corner, select ‘Story Controls’ and customize who you want to hide it from, message replies, etc.

DM and Feed-

DM is nothing but Direct Message. It’s basically like Insta-chatting like Messenger of Facebook. A person can also send a DM to a long lost friend who could be your instagram friend but you may not be sure and hence you can find out before sending him/her a friend request.
You can easily send a DM by just swiping left from your usual Feed or by going to the person’s profile and clicking on ‘Message’.
Feed is nothing but all the posts of the people who you follow. Also, at times by clicking on the search icon, you can see various posts (photos/videos) matching your recent search.

Save, Send, Tag and Archive-

You can easily send photos of your feed to your friends by clicking on the ‘plane’ type of icon next to comment bubble. Also, you could send screenshots.
You can save certain photos for your eyes only by clicking on the ‘bookmark’ icon.

Archive is an option for your posts which you aren’t sure whether to delete or not. Just click on the photo which you don’t want under your posts, click on settings and select archive.
Tag is another nice feature to let your friends know that you have posted a picture with them. You can tag while posting your photo along with the description. The various photos of you tagged in your friends posts can be seen easily by choosing the option shown here.

Private and Multiple Accounts-

If you don’t want your account to be visible to all, then go to settings and click on ‘Private account’.
You can also make multiple accounts and manage many accounts in the same phone. You can do this by just selecting ‘Add accounts’ under settings.


Instagram has made its app in a way which is easily understood by all. All you need is an hour with the app and you could become the next addicted Instagrammer.
If you have any queries do comment below and we’re always happy to help.
Happy Insta-ing!

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