Instagram switched Horizontal and people went Crazy!

On the 27th of December, 2018, Instagram had accidentally switched briefly to a horizontal version of the feed. This created a huge chaos among the users. But according to the company, this new version of the layout was in fact caused by a bug. Here’s more information related to this news.

More about the Instagram news –

Earlier in October, 2018, Instagram had announced about its testing on this horizontal feature for the Explore section of the app. But now, the company has suddenly released this new landscape oriented feature to few of the users.

Apparently, this launch was a mistake as the company’s head – Adam Mosseri tweeted on the same day – “That was supposed to be a very small test that went broad by accident. Should be fixed now. If you’re still seeing it simply restart the app. Happy holidays! 😬 “

Probably the company was a bit too late since the dedicated Instagram fans had lost their minds and took it to twitter. Few examples are as seen below – 

“us: pls chronological timelines
insta: what? insta stories?
us: nonono chronological timelines
insta: did you mean IGTV
insta: ohhhh you want to scroll horizontally #instagramupdate

@ instagram during those 0.2 seconds of the horizontal feed”

“These Instagram updates are weird. I think Instagram wants us to leave. Like when a guy goes “you’re just to good for me.” We should listen.”

More Insight –

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What’s exactly new with this update?

With this glitch, the users’ feed turns all the posts into a single, yet huge, Instagram story. Instead of scrolling, you will have to tap to advance to the next post.
Basically, with the horizontal feed, each photo (and each ad) is given the spotlight at any given time, you can only view a single post, and the comments are much more prominent now, appearing with a flick upward.

There are two basic side effects

  • It’s also much harder to quickly fly through your feed with the new layout: you can only advance a single post at a time.
  • Another side effect of the new layout is that stories are easier to access, with the bar now always available by swiping down, instead of requiring that you scroll all the way to the top of your feed.

But there are two good news as well –

The new horizontal layout seems only to affect the main feed. Just tap into a user’s individual profile, and things will appear as they always have in the usual, vertically scrolling style.
Also, another most important news is obviously that you can restart the app and this new thing would all go away.

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