Instagram will soon show how addicted we are

Do you spend too much time on social media?

“One more minute” is not a crime, but so is the case with “one more burger” and “one more chocolate”. Spending too much time on social media is not considered healthy and the addiction that the users have with social networks is to be dealt with.

Recently, Jane Manchun Wong (an app investigator) tweeted that she found some code that can possibly measure the time you spend in the app. She tweeted the screenshot of the code snippet, which revealed the “Usage Statistics” option in the sidebar.


However, no update was made on how it actually on what time frame the measuring would be done, whether it would be mentioned in days, months, or years (imagine when Instagram notifies you that you’ve wasted a whole year scrolling pictures!). She suggested a much better way though.

So what does this mean?

Recently, the Google CEO announced an ‘app usage tracker’ that would roll out in Android P. And now, Instagram is seen with code for almost the same purpose. This, could indicate how much tech giants value the mental health of their users, by telling them to take some time off social networks. This is indeed a bold step from Instagram, but obviously they would want to show their users how much they mean to the industry, for without them, there is no network.

For us users, this could mean more time for everything else (hopefully not another social network), and as far as parents are concerned, tracking how much time their kids spend online.

Too much time spent in social media, according to psychologists, can have a negative impact on your self-esteem, trigger feelings of jealousy and results in a reverse effect, creating a feeling of lesser well being.

Instagram trying out new features

Wong also found code for some more yet-to-be-released features too, like the emoji commenting bar, through which you can easily choose the recently used emoji to comment quickly.

Another feature indicates Instagram trying to make commenting from notifications possible, without actually going into the app.

Am I the only one seeing the irony in all the updates? One lets you track the time spent, and the others lessens the time you spend on the app. Maybe Instagram wants you to use the app more effectively by putting an end to zombie-scrolling.

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