Instagram is probably the best platform to post pictures, given that you have shot some really cool poses. Posing for instagram is a challenge, but not when we have some really amazing instagram-worthy pose ideas for your pictures in 2021.

1. Pose alongside a vintage car
Vintage is an evergreen trend. Posing around a vintage car can genuinely make it aesthetically pleasing.


2. Lie on the bed


Click a picture lying on your stomach over a bed with your head up, as if you are doing cobra pose. It looks best on white bedsheet particularly in a hotel room.


3. Sit on stairs
Sitting and posing on stairs can enable symmetry to be reflected in photographs which will give an aesthetic look.

4. One foot on the wall
Though not a new pose, one foot on back wall is still a popular pose that was everywhere on Facebook and Instagram years back. With this, look on your left or right side.

5. Hand over your waist
Instead of keeping your hand on stomach of waist while posing, keep it over your waist with thumb in front. Make sure you don’t keep your legs straight. At least one of your leg should be slanted outwards.


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