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The iOS vs Android debate is one that is not going away anytime soon. Each platform has its supporters and critics, its pros and cons and most importantly, the App Store and the Google Play Store. All of us, myself included have used both platforms at one point or another and each has features that make them unique. Even if you are an Android user now, you have to admit some of the iOS apps are awesome! Today let’s take a look at some apps only iOS has (for now) but we wish Android had them too.


Clips is one of Apple’s more recent first-party offerings. The app made quite a splash at launch, with some criticism and praise. While you can find many of the features the app offers in other apps, as you might expect from Apple, Clips is pretty easy to use and produces pretty great results. You can make awesome selfie videos and short clips anytime you want. You can easily add animated speech bubbles which are timed to your voice, add stylized filters to videos and photos, and add GIFs and more with intuitive controls. The app allows you to share your clip to Facebook and other social media directly.


Fortnite is a new sensation in the gaming world and is all the rage right now. It’s very similar to PUBG; 100 players drop onto a map and fight — last one standing wins. You can fight alone or with a squad. What sets Fortnite apart from PUBG is its building mechanism. As you fight to survive, you can erect structures like stairs, bridges, and walls. With time and resources, you can make pretty elaborate buildings. For fans of PUBG, wouldn’t you like to try this one as well, wishing Android had it too.

Alright, these are the big guns:


iMovie, the video editor app, syncs with your other Apple devices so you can continue your editing wherever you want. You won’t find tools here as robust as Premiere, but it’s great for basic editing. iMovie lets you create nifty little trailers using templates loaded in the app. These are fun for quickly producing videos of your family trip all from your iOS device. The features of this app are not easily available in most Android applications


Last, but absolutely not least, we have iMessage. This app is the sole reason why people stick to iOS and don’t want to change… ever. Apple’s proprietary messaging application, iMessage provides an engaging messaging platform for its users. Features as small as read receipts, typing indicators, and hi-res media alone make it a superior choice. Message effects add emphasis and personality to your texts, and invisible ink allows you to send private messages only revealed when the recipient is ready. You can send money to friends via Apple Pay, and much, much more. The platform is so robust, Apple released an app store for Messages alone. Man, I wish this app was available for Android, but thankfully Google’s RCS initiative might give us a little taste very soon.

That being said, there are a host of apps that Android users have and iOS users don’t (a story for another time). While these amazing platforms looks to hold on their footing, us consumers will continue to enjoy great service and functionality in whatever platform we use.

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