Apple has been in the forefront of manufacturing high-end gadgets equipped with the state-of-the-art technology. From starting the ‘i’ revolution few years ago, Apple has come a long way since then which wasn’t that anticipated at the time of its arrival. With Apple catering to every generation, the new iPad Pro is a must have gadget for any of the techno savvy people out there. Apple has never failed to impress us with revelation of theirs, and the iPad Pro is one of them. As fancy and functional as the gadget may seem, there is a glitch that has been discovered and this is confirmed by the makers of Apple.

The glitch makes your iPad Pro bend on its own :

The controversy has it that the 2018 iPad Pros come with a manufacturing glitch that makes the gadget bend on its own with time, however Apple claims that this defect will not refrain the gadget from performing its functions and would do so at its best despite the glitch. The same has been confirmed by Apple to The Verge. News has it that Apple does not consider this as a defect and that the users should not worry about it.

The curve as it seems has either been persisting since the time of unpacking the gadget, and if not, the bend may be noticed with due course of time and usage. Users have started speculating about the same and to overcome these speculations, Apple has been striving to be customer friendly at its maximum. Apple on being questioned about this, has stated that the reason for this bend is the cooling process that occurs with the metal and the plastic parts and has just been a part of manufacturing fault but not of worry some nature.


Apple’s contentions about the controversy:

Recent iPad pros are exhibiting the curve but the number of devices that carry this bend is uncertain. The iPad Pros specifications feature is upto 400 microns, which is even tighter than the previous manufactured generations. It is claimed that there might be slight variations but the product will remain unharmed during the usage and it is deemed to function normally. These iPad Pros otherwise look pretty straight, however, the bend seems to be more prominent on the LTE version of the product, as reported by The Verge after talks with Apple. It’s also disclosed that there has not been any reported abnormality in the functioning of the product despite the bend.

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The unveil of the defect :

Various inhibitions about the durability of the latest iPad Pro arose last month. A video test unveiled the iPad Pro bending and cracking during a video stress test. This video stirred the whole controversy and questioned the credibility on Apple as a high-end manufacturing product company that now came with this inevitable defect. This video test- criticised by a lot of people who claimed that its strategy against Apple as all devices bend when- forced upon, with the apparent stress test that the video conducted on the product.

Apple has however held high its brand by assenting to the fault. And therefore has initiated the Apple return policy where the bent iPads can be exchanged.  At Apple Authorised stores at no extra cost, within the 14 day return window from the date of purchase. Other details with regard to the same are yet to be notified to the general public. Until then, we can enjoy the product as it comes with. Since Apple has assured the bend to be not faulty in nature. And Apple’s words- trustworthy since it gets us going!

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