Is Coffee good or bad for you?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages across the world. Although it is said to be good for health, it has a number of negative health effects too. In order to help you understand whether it is good or bad for you, i’ve written it as simply as I could.

Read further to know if it is healthy or not.


1. Coffee contains caffeine, which makes you more alert and boosts your intellectual functioning. It also enhances your sports performance by making you more active.

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2. Coffee drinks are less likely to develop Type-2 Diabetes than those who don’t drink coffee.

3. Coffee offers protection against world’s most common neurogenerative diseases, which are Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It is studied that coffee drinks have much lesser risk of developing the diseases.

4. Coffee drinkers are less likely to develop depression or commit suicide. It is known to elevate mood.


1.Consumption of caffeine can lead to disturbance in sleep or sleeplessness.

2.Coffee is addictive and not drinking it can lead to tiredness, headache or other issues.

To conclude, it is okay to drink coffee, but too much of it can lead to consequences. If you drink coffee, limit it. If you don’t, don’t start drinking, it has some negative consequences too.
One cup of coffee a day, is enough to protect yourself from diseases.

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