Is Green Juice really healthy? Find out

Green juice is considered one of the healthies juices and is in trend since a decade. Food bloggers, youtubers, celebrities and companies present it as an all-purpose or all-cure drink. But is it so? Let’s find out.

What it a Green juice and how to make it?
Green juice is known to improve digestion, weight loss, reduce inflammation, and boosts immunity.
It doesn’t have any fixed recipe. It is made by blending green vegetables that are considered a part of healthy diet. These include celery, kale, Swiss chard, spinach, wheatgrass, cucumber, parsley, and mint. Since it tastes bitter, many people add any fruit to it such as apple, which isn’t green but gives a little sugary taste to it.
While those who are really conscious, don’t add any fruit.
The packaged juices available in markets are generally added with un-natural sugar, which makes it unfit for people with diabetes or high sugar.
So, one must try to consume fresh-home made juice or be careful with added sugar mentioned on the label.

So, is green juice healthy?
Undoubtedly , the green veggies are excellent sources of several essential vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds. For example, Swiss chard and kale are packed with vitamins A and K, while wheatgrass supplies plenty of vitamin C and iron. But, these cannot be substituted with diet. It can be and should be added to diet but apart from this, whole wheat fruits and vegetables should also be consumed.

Because this juice lacks fibre, which is essential part of a healthy diet. In the process of making this juice, the fibre component is missed.
But it’s quite beneficial for those people who’ve had surgery on the stomach or intestines, as it’s easier to digest. For these populations, juicing is a short-term option during recovery.

To conclude, including green juice in your diet may help you reduce inflammation, heart disease risk, and your risk of age-related mental decline. However, one must not solely depend on it for nutrients as it lacks fibre and protein which is essential component of a healthy diet.

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