Is it safe to order food online amid Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused people to stay inside and avoid social gatherings as well as visiting shops. It has given rise to online food delivering, but also raised concerned if it is safe.

In this article we would guide you on whether it is safe to order food online or it isn’t.
There hasn’t been any evidence found on transmitting of Coronavirus through food.

Food apps like Uber eats, zomato, swiggy etc give have started offering advanced delivery options that help avoid contact with the delivery boy. The services offered include dropping food safely outside the door(if paid online).

However, the virus may be transferred by surface. If an infected person touches the container, the virus may stay there for days and affect the person who comes in contact with it.

Thus, it becomes important to wash your hands after taking the food packet, and before starting to eat it.
One may also be required to wash hands after any physical contact with the delivery boy, such as in case of cash on delivery or giving tip to the guy.

Therefore, there’s no need to panic. You may go ahead with ordering food, but always follow the preventive measures and do not forget to wash your hands.
Also, it is suggested to give more tip to your delivery guy at this time when majority of operations are on halt and he is still doing his job, keeping his life at stake.

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