Is it safe to purchase grocery amid Corona outbreak?

The outbreak of Coronavirus has made us stay indoors and spend time streaming, family- time, work from home or trying out new recipes. However, it has also raised concerns on shopping the necessities such as dairy, grocery. Luckily, some shops are open for our requirements. But the biggest question revolves around whether we should step out to buy it or order online?

Well, you should step out to buy only if you are healthy and not at major risk of catching the virus. People with weak immune system or any ongoing treatment, or aged people refrain from going out to market.

However, even if you go out, ensure that you visit only at non-peak time of the day to avoid rush and therefore the chances of catching the virus. Do not go with a friend or family member. Try not to talk or meet your friends out there and maintain social distancing. Also, most importantly, do not handshake or hug anyone.

Although, ordering food at your place is safer. But still you should follow some precautionary measures. If the site or app had option of non- contact delivery, go for it. Ask the delivery guy to leave the item outside your door if it’s paid. Avoid paying the tip in cash too.

One of you might be carrying the virus, which may affect the other too.
Also, wash your hands with soap or use a sanitiser just after opening the parcel or item. If possible, clean it too!

But choose online shopping if you are at high risk of getting the virus and do not have any helper who would do it for you.
By following the above measures, you can save not just your life but many lives.

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