Is Tea good or bad for Health?

Tea is the most favourite beverage in most part of the world. For tea drinkers, it is the most soothing drink. While some drink 1-2 Cups a day, there are many who take over 4 cups a day.
There have been many misconceptions about it’s medicinal properties and benefits for heart and cancer prevention.

In this blog, we sought to clear that and by the end you’ll be able to understand whether or not tea is healthy for you and how much of it should be its ideal consumption.

Tea contains Flavonoids called catechins, that are responsible for its beneficial effects on the heart. Many people add milk to tea. It is studied that milk modifies the biological activities of tea ingredients, it is likely that the anti-tumour effects of tea could be affected.
Also, according to a study, the group of proteins in milks, called caseins, interacted with the tea to reduce the concentration of catechins.

Ideally, drinking upto 2-4 cups of tea can be healthy for your heart and cancer prevention. While drinking more than that can show side effects like lack of sleep, restlessness etc.

From this we can conclude that leaving milk out of your tea is far less likely to help protect your heart health than other measures, such as taking regular exercise, avoiding smoking and taking a healthy balanced diet.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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