Italian town offers to pay residents’ rent

Teora, a town in southern Italy is using a different approach to boost population of residents. The town is offering to pay rent of two years for the new residents.

Alternatively, it is offering to pay ₹5000 to the new comers in order to buy the house.
‘New families will be the building blocks of our shrinking community,’ says mayor.

The move taken by Teora is different from what other towns of Italy offered. Many towns attracted fresh blood by providing houses for just €1. However, Teora believes that it doesn’t encourage one to reside but father purchase it as a holiday-home.

As Teora is most interested in attracting families, only those who already have one child are invited to apply.
It also comes with a condition for being required to live there for atleast three years.

“I don’t believe in selling empty houses for €1, that doesn’t incentivize people to stay in town,” said Teora’s mayor, Stefano Farina.

“They just come a few months a year as holidaymakers. That’s not the solution. But taking up residency and enrolling kids at the local school, that does breathe new life.”

The town’s population never recovered after an earthquake in 1980, and has dwindled to just 1,500 residents. According to Mr Farina, on average two babies are born in Teora each year compared to 20 deaths, mostly from old age.

“I want to invert this negative trend,” he said. “Children are our future, new families will be the building blocks of our shrinking community, so we encourage those with more kids to apply.”

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