Japanese Startup Develops Bluetooth-Enabled Masks

The pandemic has forced all of us to make some major changes in our lifestyles. Part of that is compulsorily wearing face masks.

However, a Japanese startup has come up with a solution that can solve your problems. As per this, consumers can now make calls using their smart masks. That is a very big change.

Up till now, the mask was being seen as an accessory causing hindrances. Now, it can provide real solutions. Let’s find out more.

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Donut Robotics‘ mask will be Bluetooth-enabled, connecting to any other devices with the same features. It can also make calls.

In addition, it will convert audio to text facilitating sending of messages. As your voice might not be at full volume inside the mask, it also enhances voice before detection. The mask has been developed by a company called Donut Robotics.

They have labeled the mask as C-mask. In addition to everything else, the mask can translate Japanese into eight languages and can also connect to the internet.

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Each mask has been priced at nearly $40 and the start-up plans to sell the first 5,000 units in Japan at the beginning of September this year. Later, it plans to sell these in China, the US, and even Europe.

This is obviously a huge discovery considering that the pandemic is not slowing down any time soon. All experts have said that we have to learn to live with it along with exercising a great degree of caution. A mask that helps speed up our daily life functions along with providing adequate protection and safety enhancement is exactly what is required in that difficult scenario.

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