Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Ex Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested

The shocking revelations regarding Jeffrey Epstein and his connections with child trafficking have evolved into one of the most scandalous crime stories of our disturbing times. Now, in another twist, Ghislaine Maxwell, a longtime associate and alleged girlfriend of Epstein is facing criminal prosecution.

She has been charged with assisting Epstein in his quest for evil. Maxwell helped recruit innocent minor girls into Jeffrey Epstein’s dirty game. A federal court of law finally charged her for her acts of shame that have ruined so many good lives.


She was arrested in the small town of Bradford and presented to a New Hampshire Federal Court through a video-link.

Ghislaine Maxwell

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“Having developed a rapport with a victim, Maxwell would try to normalize sexual abuse … by among other things discussing sexual topics, undressing in front of the victim, being present when a minor victim was undressed and being present for sex acts involving the minor victim and Epstein,” prosecutors alleged.

According to USAToday, “Over the years, Maxwell allegedly facilitated the victims’ travel to Epstein’s homes in New York, Florida, New Mexico and London for the expressed purpose of engaging in sex acts with the financier.”

Court documents allege that with the attempt of grooming victims for intimate interactions, Maxwell and Epstein would take them shopping or to watch movies.

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The links of the case have been very difficult to find due to the twenty-five year time period. With the hard work being put together by the prosecutors, arrests have finally been made. This will further lead to more convictions in this tale.

The acts committed were heinous giving a peek into the elite financial world. There are more details that need to be divulged. The story till now gives no hope of things getting any better in the future.

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