Job Crafting – The Solution To Boredom At Work

Capitalism requires you to be in a position where you can work around the day. However, this is not possible without unending cooperation on part of the workers. That’s why most organizations try to create a street free workplace for their employees. Burnout and boredom are factors that actively deteriorates performance. For this reason, the concept of job crafting has now emerged.

Under this strategy, employees are given a chance to design their roles for more meaningful work experience. This has the benefit of the employees getting a sense of responsibility and ownership.

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As per scientists, monotonous work has devastating impacts like bad mental health, stress and burnout. Not just this, people who are bored at work are at higher risk of vices such as drug addiction, alcoholism and compulsive gambling.

There can be several reasons for monotony at the workplace. This can be the performance of repetitive and predictable task the details if which you are not interested in. Broadly speaking, the lack of agency at work, lack of meaning and insufficient novelty are major factors.

This is where job crafting turns helpful. In 2001, Jane Dutton, professor emerita of business administration and psychology at University of Michigan, and Amy Wrzesniewski, professor of management at Yale, conceptualized this idea.

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Job crafting helps an individual to find meaning within their existing piece of work. While this can mean thinking about the importance of your role in a new way, or infusing creativity to insert new pieces of work in your current tasks.

This fulfils multiple purposes for a person. One, you get the sense of doing something new. Secondly, you feel like you are in ownership of the work that has been allotted to you.

Job crafting is the future of a capitalist world.

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