Joker Surpasses Nolan’s The Dark Knight in IMDB

From much before its release, Joaquin Phoenix’s starer ‘Joker’ has been much talked about in the cinema world.  Since hitting the screens, the craze was only on the rise. Such has been its reception.

Joker now has surpassed the second part of Crishtopher Nolan’s triology based on DC comics- The Dark Knight,

With 2 million votes, The Dark Knight is rated 9/10, while Joker has 9.1/10 with 115,000 votes.





The Joker is actually a character that was well acclaimed all over the world- by critics as well as fans. Heath Ledger made the DC comics character his own, and the same is being said about the latest “joker”-  Joaquin Phoenix.

The Dark Knight, so far has only been second to the Shawshank Redemption in the top rated movies on IMDB. It is indeed considered an achievement for the latest Joker to have surpassed the Dark Knight to be the second highest rated movie on IMDB

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However, it is not the easiest to maintain the same rating for a longer period of time. The Dark Knight is rated 9.0 after 2 million votes, while Joker has been rated 9.1/10 after just 115,000 votes. It will be interesting to see where it stands after getting a similar number of votes.

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