Justine Kurland And America’s Young, Wild Women

The year 1997 was a very important year in the life of young student photographer Justine Kurland. Being a fine arts student at Yale University, she was looking to create something different rather than follow everyone.

The standards of female beauty had been firmly set by then due to the popularity of cinema. This means that everyone knew about the kind of photographs that they were expected to capture. The idea of beauty was largely standardized and commercialized to an extent where any deviation was almost criminal.

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That’s where she decided to carve out her own path. Kurland thought that her photography would show a different kind of woman than popularly imagined. Let’s find out what her thought process was.


Justine Kurland And America's Young, Wild Women

Justine Kurland began to show that a woman could exist beautifully beyond the perception. Her photographs searched for women who were young, wild, and free.

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Justine Kurland And America's Young, Wild Women

These were the women who were ambitious and stepped out of the house with undone hair to find out something new. They went to the woods and lit a fire while gathered their own food. She wanted to create a different kind of woman that everyone would aspire to be rather than a standardized stereotype.

Justine Kurland And America's Young, Wild Women

Her work found its place in a book called Girl Pictures and would become the standard idea of the Western woman. This was a woman free of patriarchal controls and completely in control of herself and her beauty in a way that was not seen before. That’s where the true transformation began in the way we perceive women.

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