Katherine Langford On ‘Cursed’

You might know Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker from Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. She is an award-winning actor who has been featured in many films.

Her latest project ‘Cursed’ is a retelling of the Arthurian legend and is based on a novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. The series premiered on Netflix earlier this week.

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Marie Claire spoke to Katherine Langford about her transformation for the series.


Katherine plays the role of Nimue, who is “a young woman burdened by her extraordinary magical powers who must embark on a journey to protect her people and serve her family—could more fittingly be compared to Mulan or Katniss Everdeen or Harry Potter,” as reported by Marie Claire.

Katherine Langford On 'Cursed'

Langford spoke about what drew her to this character.

“We see her in the beginning of the season as a really breathless young woman. She’s on the cusp. She is an adult, but she’s still not 100 percent there. She hasn’t quite come into her womanhood yet. She’s been ostracized for having this mysterious curse that she doesn’t understand and other people don’t understand so they fear it and they also fear her.”

“That initial adversity that she’s grown up with made me really curious about her.”

Given the kind of popularity they have had, shows like Game of Thrones are considered the face of the fantasy genre. Thus, it is not unexpected for shows like Cursed to be compared to GoT. In that situation, it becomes increasingly important for new shows to create their own identity, to prove to the audience how they’re different from shows like GoT.

“As a credit to Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, the fantasy genre has amassed such a huge mainstream audience. What makes these fantasy pieces stand out is they put their own stamp on the genre. We know what Game of Thrones looks like; we know what Lord of the Rings looks like. As we were filming, [we were] finding out what makes this Cursed, what makes this unique identity ours.”

Katherine Langford On 'Cursed'

Katherine also spoke about her favorite thing about the show – its treatment of female characters.

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“One of the things I’m really proud of in regards to Cursed is the way that these women are written highlights their capabilities. That’s something I worked on a lot with Nimue—making sure she didn’t become this damsel-in-distress. For example, if Nimue is running and then she falls over. Why does she fall over? It’s about honoring the capabilities in someone and acknowledging the obstacles they have to overcome.”

“We have always been heroes as women,” Langford said.

“I just don’t think we’ve been recognized as heroes, particularly in stories. I think [this] is a small step into that direction.”

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