Keep That Spark Alive

“Keep That Spark Alive”; that is exactly what every couple decides and want to do before they actually make promises with one another to stay together  Forever & ever. But what happens is the exact opposite to it . One of them or worse both stop trying and it is dead before they even know it .

One can be a narcissistic individual as well, like in my case where whatever you do is not actually appreciated and you are told that you just cannot do anything right. Leading to the ultimate chaos of saying that,’ we are not compatible” and legalities are filed. Guys usually face the music in such a case where the Girl asks for alimony or like mine did for extortion money. It can also be a girl who is mentally, physically harassed by the guy and it just turns ugly.

The Spark is those butterflies which you get in your stomach when his/her name shows up on your mobile screen . You have that smile on your face for nothing and in all your conversations with your friends him/her pops up in conversations so smoothly that you don’t even realise. Everything you think of buying for yourself, you think about them as well. The longing to hold and see them after your day, the sudden magnetic pull towards them when in you are in the same room, If you are compass they are your certain North. That my people is called ‘THE SPARK”.

But the VERY SPARK which brought you together actually pushes you from inside to fall apart. Good things do fall apart and usually, it is just a planned out way by the one who feels I just want my singlehood back. In extreme cases, this lack of spark in a relationship can also force you, partner, to find your alternate. Office Flings, paying for sleeping around are just a couple of examples.  So, here are a few ways through which you can keep the sex factor sizzling and hot even after years of being together. Just before you scroll down, please remember this requires effort and commitment from both.  The guy might set the bedroom but if the woman just refuses to play, there won’t be any spark, instead, you will have a word fire in your house.

So, if you love your partner and want to take your last breath with him/her. Read the below and try, It will make you closer, stronger and a better couple :

1) Go To bed before you are tired – Most people are so exhausted at the end of a hard day’s work that there is no energy left for sexual indulgence. So try to get to bed before you are too tired to make Love.

2) Finish House Chores – Do not discuss the intimacy of any sort during the hellish hours between dinner; kids baths and bed. It always sounds like a bad idea when you are looking at a sink full of dirty dishes. Be kind, help the lady or divide whatever needs to be done and more or less enter the room at the same time. Unless like me you stay in India where the maid will come in the morning and after dinner, you can straight up jump in bed and wait for her. (Don’t forget to brush your teeth)

3) Communicate and Find Out – Asking your partner about your day is another topic but asking them about specific people can actually give you a better insight as what exactly happened during the day and what exactly is happening inside the head. This will lead to further talks and spending few minutes giggling together can make you two feel light and look in each other’s eyes in a lot more, “I love you” feel way than, “what the *** ” feeling. Sometimes, a little hug in bed is worth 10minutes of foreplay.

4) Make the First Move – Bedroom does not differentiate between a Man or a Woman. If you see that your partner is down and out it then becomes your duty to make the first move. Do not always wait for your partner to make it. Sexual intimacy is a two-way thing so do your bit to keep the relationship hot as well.


Just remember that when you exchange vows, that is it. If both of you are reasonable enough, love will never fade and spark can always be ignited back. But the success is, do not ever let the flame die out in the first place. Marriages are for a lifetime, try and keep them that way. You were compatible when you met and you can always be that way. 

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