Keep your Pets Happy with these Simple Tricks(Part 1)

Do you love pets? But are they lovable and equally tiring at the same time?

Well, don’t worry. If you have a dog or are thinking about getting one, you might want to read this article; it gives you a good insight on how to care for your furry friend.

Tips to Take Good Care of your Pets –

Having a pet is rewarding, but it can be hard work as well. If you are well prepared, do your research, and love your pet unconditionally, caring for a pet doesn’t have to be back-breaking. Here are few tips for caring any animal addition to your family.

1) Responsibility like a Parent –

Think of them as your furry baby. You’ll need to spend a lot of time with them, care for them, and buy them the things they need. Before you decide on a dog, do a bit of research to find the kind of dog that will be best for you. Some breeds are easier to care for than others, and some dogs will need special care for disabilities or illnesses. If you have the time and money for it, always try to get a dog like this. They are difficult to find homes for and are usually put down by shelters.


Make sure you have everything your dog will need, such as a dog bed, dog bowls for food and water, good quality dog food, and a leash and collar before adopting or purchasing your dog.

2) Exercise With Your Pet

Exercising your pet is relaxing for both you and your pet. It helps them to burn off stored energy and it gives you a chance to connect with your special friend. Whether it is throwing a ball at the park or teasing them with a ball of yarn, you will feel a special connection with your animal. Regular exercise is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Without it, they can become overweight and more susceptible to illness.


If dogs aren’t walked enough, they may develop heart problems, become overweight, or develop destructive tendencies. Remember not to overwork your dog: they need to build stamina the same way humans do, so you want to take it easy on them at first, especially if they’re already overweight.

3) Clean Environment surrounding your Pet –

When your dog is a puppy, they will need to go to bed early. Make sure you have a comfy bed for them to sleep in and that they go to bed as often as they need to. On average, dogs need about 12-14 hours of sleep, but may need more or less depending on their breed, size and age.

Though this is certainly true of dogs and cats, even fish and lizards require dedication and love to really thrive. Animals are social beings much like humans, and you need to set aside time to play with your pets so they get exercise and mental stimulation.

  • Give your pet room to roam — the bigger the animal, the more room they’ll need.
  • Buy toys and play-sets for you and your pet to use together.
  • Give your pet the occasional treat after good behavior to motivate it and cement good habits.

4) Schedule regular visits to the vet –

Be sure to bring your pet to the vet soon after adopting it as well. Just like humans, pets need regular check-ups to spot problems before they become serious conditions. Use your first visit to discuss how often you should schedule check-ups and your pet’s dietary and medical needs.

  • Be sure to schedule shots and vaccinations as soon as you can. Make sure that your pet has all of the proper vaccines and other preventative medication suggested by your veterinarian, such as heart worm pills for some dogs.
  • Ask your vet what symptoms to look for if your pet gets sick.
  • Spay or neuter dogs and cats to prevent pet over-population.
  • Record your vet’s number as well as the number of a veterinary hospital in case of emergencies.
  • Knowing your pet’s normal behavior is very important; if they are sick or injured, they will often act unusually, such as sleeping more, going off their food, etc. Also, if they begin to act oddly, check them for any injuries and keep an eye on their food and water intake; if they stop eating or drinking, or they have obvious wounds that are concerning you, then take them to the vet.

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Navaneetha Suresh

Navaneetha Suresh

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