Keep Yourself Super Hydrated With these 5 drinks

It’s important to stay hydrated, even in winters. It makes you energized and keeps you active throughout the day. Although, water is an excellent liquid that fulfills your hydration needs. However, there are some alternatives that can keep you hydrated with almost the same level. These hydrating drinks supply a whole lot of electrolytes, sodium, vitamin, pro-biotics and minerals along with a burst of flavors.

Here’s the list of top 5 Hydrating Drinks:

1- Lemon water

Lemon water (or nimbu pani) is a great substitute of plain water. According to some nutritionists, it is advisable to drink a glass of lemon water each day. The drink made by adding 2 lemons in a glass of warm water with a pinch of rock salt. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin C.

2- Coconut water

It is undoubtedly the most hydrating drink, with better hydrating quantities than water. Low in calories and rich in potassium, it is also energizing in nature which makes it a healthier substitute for packaged energy drinks.

3- Milk

Not many know that milk is an excellent source of hydration. It has qualities that not just help quench thirst but also keep body hydrated for longer time. It contains a perfect blend of good quality carbs, proteins and sodium that helps your body retain fluids. You can consume it in different works to make it tasty. It can be Buttermilk or Milkshakes.

4- Cucumber juice

Cucumbers are known to contain 90% of water, and most hydrating properties among vegetables. Also, vegetable juices are known to have better hydrating properties than fruit juices, which contain natural sugar. Drinking of vegetable juice over fruit juice can be a great option.

5- Aloe Vera juice

Recently, the popularity of aloe vera has towered heights, and gave it a term ‘super food’. It has rightly got it’s name. Found to have been blessed with antioxidants and powerful regenerative properties. It also offers many beauty benefits for a radiant skin. You can drink freshly squeezed juice. All you need to do is add some aloe vera chunks in water after cleansing.

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