LASIK Surgery – How Safe Is It?

Lasik eye surgery is one of the most common operations all around the world. However, many people are still reluctant to undergo LASIK surgery. Many times this is because of the high costs associated with this surgery. However, people also question the safety of such a procedure.


Lasik surgery is a form of laser refractive surgery performed on the eyes. Laser refractive surgery refers to laser-assisted surgery used to improve the refractive state of the eye. This is also done to decrease or eliminate dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Lasik surgery is performed to treated myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Myopia refers to nearsightedness, whereas hyperopia refers to farsightedness. Astigmatism consists of blurred vision because of irregularly shaped or curved of the lens inside the eye.

It reshapes the cornea, which enables the light entering the eye to focus on the retina, without depending on glasses or contact lenses.

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It is also known as laser eye surgery or laser vision correction. This procedure takes about 15 minutes to treat both eyes. It leads to an immediate improvement in vision.


Globally, LASIK surgery is considered to be pretty safe. Nearly 90% of patients have had perfect 20/20 vision after undergoing the procedure, and less than 1% of patients lost clarity of vision to some extent.

Most problems that LASIK eye surgery leads to can be resolved in a short period. Some potential outcomes after this surgery are as follows:


The error resulting in poor eyesight before the procedure was not corrected adequately. This can be resolved by either a secondary ‘enhancement’ procedure. Patients can also wear glasses or contact lenses to correct this.


When laser eye surgery is performed, the eye’s tear production is affected. This can result in dryness in the eyes. This usually happens for a few weeks or months post the surgery. It is extremely rare for this problem to persist beyond that.


During LASIK surgery, a flap of corneal tissue is lifted and replaced. If the patient rubs their eyes, swims or plays sports too soon, this flap can move out of place. This can be avoided by following recovery instructions carefully.

Serious problems are extremely rare in LASIK surgeries. A widespread concern with this surgery is that the patient can go blind. However, an infection caught during or after surgery is more likely to cause severe visual impairment. This can be avoided by choosing an experienced surgeon from a reputable clinic.

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