Last Minute Ticket Bookings or Selling? Gametime Is Your Go To!

On the 8th of February, 2019, Gametime announced about its feature “Last call” which allows last minute buying or selling of the tickets for sport games, live concerts and shows. The company has been working on this for almost 2 years.

Gametime and its Last Call Feature –

Gametime, the online ticketing app for Music, Sports and Shows has introduced a new feature called LastCall.  This app allows the users to book tickets through Gametime app, even after an event has been started. The users have to book the tickets within 90 minutes after the event has been commenced.

The next immediate question that strikes an individual is it worth buying the tickets after the show has started? Well the answer is Yes!

The tickets that are being sold through Gametime are generally the tickets that users like you and I are selling, cause of their last minute cancellation or tickets that are unsold. As the saying goes “Something Is Better Than Nothing”. So instead of getting no money out them, getting something is better, as these are sold for lower prices.

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Words of Brad Griffith –

Brad Griffith, Founder and CEO of Gametime acknowledged that most fans are not interested in just showing up for the last song or the last innings of the game. But the big discount and the fact that the fan would be able to catch the event would be worth it.

 “Value is a major consideration for fans who want to attend an event, especially younger fans who make up Gametime’s core user base. LastCall helps fans efficiently use their limited time and take advantage of decreasing prices to enjoy the connection of the in-person atmosphere that only a live event can offer.” – Brad Griffith, Gametime CEO & Founder.

Some Stats –

According to Gametime data, the median MLB ticket price 48 hours prior to the game is $48. Ninety minutes after the first pitch, that price decreases to $13. The NBA sees median prices of $127 two days before a game, falling to $40 90-minutes after tipoff. Even concerts see a similar trend, with prices falling from $114 48-hours pre-event to $55 90-minutes into a show. Gametime data shows similar savings leading up to and after an event starts across all major music and sporting events.

Gametime does not only help the ticket buyers but it also helps the venues to fill seats. The MLB saw a 4% decline in stadium attendance in 2018, while the top 100 music tours saw an 11% decrease in ticket sales. The pro sports teams are losing almost $1 million per game due to unsold tickets.  Therefore this Lastcall feature helps young fans to fill unsold seats by making it easy to buy tickets at last minute.

How it Works?

The user has to take a photo of a paper-based ticket and upload it on the Gametime Snap and Sell feature. The company’s optical character recognition technology uploads all the relevant details of the ticket automatically; user need not enter any data.

Once the details have been uploaded the Gametime Connect allows the users to find these tickets online available for those who require them. These are available only for 90 minutes after the event has been started.

Gametime took up a survey to know how event-goers are buying tickets. They surveyed both Gametime and non Gametime users about their purchasing behaviour. The survey showed that out Of the 287 respondents, 27% had purchased tickets after an event’s start time at least once, 62% of whom were gen-z or millennial event-goers, says Gametime.

According to PriceWaterhouse Coopers, the North American market for sports tickets sold from primary sources is projected to grow to $20.1 billion by 2019. And according to Pollstar, the North American concert business saw sales hit $3.12 billion just across the top 100 tours in 2015, says TechCrunch.

2 years ago the company had raised $20 million for this venture that is for its customer to make ticket booking at last minute. The San Francisco based start-up has raised capital up to $41.5million. Gametime initially started as a ticketing app for sports games but as time passed by and to get into the market of live shows and concerts it expanded its reach.

The company also posted a video that quickly reached almost 4 million views on Facebook. This led to good number of business transactions for the company. It also helped Gametime stand out between its various other competitors like Ticketmaster and Ticketweb by Live Nation, Stubhub by Ebay and various other private players.

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