Letitia Wright On All Things Beauty

Letitia Wright became a household name after she appeared as Shuri in Marvel’s Black Panther. Her character proved to be inspiring for black girls and women across the globe, much like the movie itself.

Letitia Spoke to Vogue about her beauty preferences.



“I like to exfoliate. Something that gets all of the bad stuff out from the day, clears oily pores. I also use moringa oil. It’s great because it’s really natural and you can also put it in your hair – my skin is always happy for it. So that’s my routine. Exfoliate, drink a lot of water, moringa oil and making sure if I do put make-up on my face it’s nice and loose and chilled. I don’t really do masks, I wanna do more but I don’t know how my skin will deal with stuff like that. I don’t know how she’d react.”

Letitia Wright On All Things Beauty


“I used to steal Bareminerals products from my sister! Then a few months later I was thinking I really wanted to work with them, and they hit me up. Every day I go straight to Bareminerals Original Foundation. I just dip into it, real quick, get it onto the brush, swipe my face. And I don’t know what happens but my face starts to glow. I don’t know what they put in that thing, but it’s amazing. And then I put my mascara on and some lip balm, which is also from Bareminerals, and I just go! I’m out of the house and it stays on my face all day, you don’t have to worry about it.”

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“For going out, I’m more of an eyes person, I like to keep everything neutral with my lips. We try to do something funky or make it pop. You know, dark eyeshadows, really big eyelashes sometimes. Nothing crazy – I always try to make everything stay in alignment with myself. I just want to enhance what’s already there, you know?”


“I use Viktor and Rolf, the once called Bonbon. That’s my perfume. And I use cocoa butter, which smells really good. I never have a bad day.”

Letitia Wright On All Things Beauty


“I try not to depend on it too much but it’s a way to connect with people. To pop online and say: this is the type of project I’m doing right now, if you want to check it out you can. It keeps you in tune with other artists as well, you can see what other people are doing. Before this stuff with social media, people had an exclusive vibe whereas now it lets people broadcast what they’re doing. It allows people to feel they can relate, and you can interact online. I maybe put an image on once or twice a month and then come off.”


“It has been a really big year – the blessings are overflowing and I really thank God for it. All of the seeds that I’ve been planting over the years of hard work – going to the auditions, getting on the train, messing up in auditions, booking them, every single thing has manifested this year and proved that when you work hard and dedicate yourself, everything else will work out the way it should. And I’m really thankful, I hope it continues into the rest of my career and I’ve started a good foundation which will build into a big house of good work and good vibes. It’s quite cool to see yourself in magazines. When I have my first daughter I’ll show her and be like: this is mummy, you can do it too you know!”

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“I love to watch movies, man, I try to watch as many as I can. I love to get together with my friends and eat. I love hanging out with people, going to museums and art galleries, checking out new music, travelling. Mainly intimacy with friends and family – laughing or crying or whatever you’ve got to do. For like massages and stuff, right now, Cowshed at Shoreditch House is just killing it. They’re my favourite.”


“I pray about it, I check the vibe of it, I see if it’s something that I’m meant to do. I don’t want to do it just because. I’m very sensitive about what I put my time into, that’s months of your life. So firstly I pray and ask God what his will is for my life and that project, and then yeah, I see how I feel in my spirit. I’s kind of a green light, red light situation. It’s done me well so far.”

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