Life expectancy in US is lower than cuba or Slovenia: Here’s why

Over the past 3 years, life expectancy in the United States has fallen to 78.6 years. The rate is one of the lowest, among the developed countries.
Dr ky stoltzfus , an assistant professor at the University of Kansas Medical Center expressed his concern saying that the US spent more per capita GDP on healthcare than any other country, but still the health benefits derived aren’t upto the expectations.


Some major factors that are found to contribute largely to the declining life expectancy rate are income disparity and suicide and opioids.
The poor population of America isn’t getting adequate healthcare and insurance facilities, and therefore infant mortality rate is also quite higher than other developed country. Along with this, unequal environment also contributed to this. Those residing in more polluted areas or areas with lack of facilities, suffer more.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified drugs overdose and suicide as significant contributors in declined life expectancy.
The rate of people dying from drugs overdose and suicides in the US has significantly increased from 2017 and 2008 respectively.

Another most significant factor contributing to this was found to be Obesity.
“If I were to identify a single risk factor that has had the greatest impact on premature death it would be obesity. Unfortunately, many of the conveniences of modern society have essentially engineered physical activity out of our lives,” said Odde.

The only solution to the declining life expectancy is to reduce the income disparity. If the US stops dividing people on the basis of income, race, education level and geography, definitely a significant difference would be visible.

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