LinkedIn Acquires Data Analytics Company Drawbridge

LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking platform in the world with over 600 million active users. This week, LinkedIn announced its acquisition of Drawbridge, the data personalization platform. It is the latest in a series of moves made by the Microsoft-owned platform to improve its ad targeting platform. The intent is to utilize Drawbridge’s advanced personalization AI to improve LinkedIn’s targeting ability. Drawbridge’s system is explained in the following video:

“Our graph combines billions of customer touchpoints, with a breadth and depth of online and offline interactions you won’t find anywhere else. Add your customer data to the mix, and Drawbridge’s patented AI enriches and completes your data to show you your customers with unmatched clarity.​”

Drawbridge has worked with IBM, Salesforce and Adobe and many other companies in the past. Now, it will integrate its technology into LinkedIn’s systems. This will result in an expanded set of targeting options when executing ad campaigns on LinkedIn.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“We believe Drawbridge’s team and technology will allow us to accelerate the capabilities of our Marketing Solutions platform, helping our customers better reach and understand their professional audiences and measure the ROI of their campaigns across mobile and desktop.”

Linkedin has accumulated professional and education data to its users. As only LinkedIn has this data, it is uniquely positioned to gain insights into people’s lives. These insights could prove to be invaluable in a professional context and can bolster LinkedIn’s case for being the top professional development and B2B promotions.

After announcing a data partnership with Adobe, this new acquisition could further improve the performance of LinkedIn ads.

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