LinkedIn Announces New Ad Initiatives To Help Marketers

This week, LinkedIn has announced two new initiatives aimed at maximizing the result marketers achieve from running LinkedIn ad campaigns.

LinkedIn Ad Review

LinkedIn Ad Review will be a monthly series which will highlight the best-performing brands and campaigns. The series will dissect the performance of the best campaigns and offer key tips and insights to the marketers. The series will be published on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog.

As LinkedIn explained in a blog post introducing LinkedIn Ad Review, “Every month in the LinkedIn Ad Review will shine a spotlight on a top-performing piece of LinkedIn Sponsored Content. In the Review, we’ll analyze why the Sponsored Content’s headline, visual, and copy work together to get across the brand’s message.”

In the blog post, LinkedIn has offered general tips for LinkedIn advertisers to get them started in the first month.

  • Get Specific – Don’t be afraid to tailor your content in accord to the audience
  • Make It Human – Adding a human, relatable element to your content helps your audience members see themselves in the story
  • Don’t Overthink It – Not all content needs to be complicated – if you’d click, it’s likely that your community will, too

The first campaign showcased in the series is a sponsored post from AutoDesk. Have a look:

LinkedIn offers an overall, in-depth analysis of the AutoDesk ad with emphasis on why this ad works well and what is it that works well. They linked it back to the aforementioned points stating:

  • First, it’s specific. It’s about manufacturing. I don’t know how you get more specific than that.
  • Second, it’s human. Even though the photo is a metallic manufactured good, questions surrounding the can spur the curiosity of engineers, the target market, by implying that a satisfying answer will be given to those who click through.
  • Third, Autodesk didn’t overthink it. The can is a simple but engaging image, and the ad delivered a well above benchmark CTR of 1.49%. The ad leads to a landing page that includes a video about how a company called Can Lines Engineering relies on Autodesk. This video works seamlessly with the can image in the Sponsored Content.

This initiative serves a dual purpose. It helps marketers maximize the performance of their on-platform advertising efforts and inspire other users to the edge about starting with LinkedIn advertising.

LinkedIn Research and Insights Program

In this initiative, LinkedIn will publish bite-sized information along with graphics related to key platform statistics. The intent of this program is to highlight how and why people buy. The program will offer key insights into who those buyers are on LinkedIn.

This is what the information would look like and what people can expect. This appears to be minimalistic and seems to be lacking depth but it is designed to get the marketers thinking and spark ideas that may alter the approach they are currently taking in regards to on-platform advertising. These weekly posts will be made available on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Page.

Both initiatives are designed to offer insights and tips to understand the platform a bit better. As noted, they lack the detail one might need to make decisions based on this but these can go a long way to spark inspiration.

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