LinkedIn Inaugurates Tracking System

Since, we are aware that Microsoft owns LinkedIn. It has somewhere around 600 million professional profiles registered. Its recruitment business has come into the picture where the company is about to introduce a huge overhaul.

The employment recruiter platform has completely changed. LinkedIn is introducing a new product which will help in managing the sourcing, interviewing and hiring process. LinkedIn is also working on how the businesses can improve the diversity by providing access to the recruiters to determine the gender proportion.


Growth and revenue of LinkedIn:

From the growth’s perspective, LinkedIn has been re-accelerating our growth and is doing well financially. Talent Solutions is in line with that, so we feel like this is the right time to be doing more, John Jersin, Vice President of Talent Solutions, said in an interview. “We’re going beyond what our products have done in the past to now support the entire hiring process, helping jobseekers more. LinkedIn’s revenues rose 37 percent in the last quarter, bringing in $1.46 billion in revenues. Now it is heading up to add in more monetization and services for its user base.

Information about LinkedIn’s new Recruiter Platform

When a new job will be posted, LinkedIn will capture the information. This will help recruiters in knowing who suitable candidate is and who is looking for that particular role. This will lead in filling the job acquisition very soon.

LinkedIn has premium feature as well. It is 1 month trial and post 1 month we have to opt as a paid service. Here, LinkedIn has come up with one more new feature that is Talent Hub. Talent Hub is an application tracking system. This will be helpful for recruiters from interview process till hiring part. They are also launching more online education classes such as: confronting bias, inclusive leadership and managing diversity. “We need to think about this carefully and how to build into platform for other attributes,”. “It’s a complex and challenging area that we are exploring.” Said by John Jersin, VP of Talent Solutions.

The company said that a recent survey it ran to identify hiring trends found that diversity was the top hiring priority today, with 78 percent marking it as “extremely important.” “That’s become a guiding product principle for us,” Jersin said, describing the company’s approach as “diversity by design.” WE can conclude this by mentioning that they have come up with the different features that will be helpful for both recruiter and the jobseekers.

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