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LinkedIn has been slow off the starting line in regards to innovation of the professional networking platform. But recently, it feels like it is in a hurry to get places and catch up with other prominent networking platform. LinkedIn enjoys a majority market share of the professional networking space thanks to the unmatched database of people’s career trajectories it has accumulated over time. Now, LinkedIn is testing out new features to maintain its competitive edge, the newest one being a live streaming feature called LinkedIn Live (I mean, what else could it be named anyway).

Live video streaming is a popular feature across platforms. LinkedIn now joins the list with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Periscope (live streaming service owned by Twitter) and many others. Trends across platforms have made it clear, videos are the most engaging form of content that we can think of. Live streaming takes it up a notch, adding a new dynamic to it. Live streaming gives users options to stream events, conduct webinars and, Q&A sessions and much more.

LinkedIn has increased its focus on video content both for posts and ads, it is clear what the objective is? Engagement on the platform, which is increasing rapidly and with the addition of LinkedIn Live, it can potentially reach a record high.

As mentioned before, LinkedIn has been slow to jump onto the Live Streaming bandwagon but it is definitely a welcome addition and a sensible move. Live streaming appeals massively to audiences, professionals being no different. It is reported by numerous sources, the rollout will begin in the US and will be via invite only. It will be tested, optimized and polished with the help of various third-party live streaming companies. We are excited about this new feature on LinkedIn and see what impact it has on the professional networking platform.

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