LinkedIn Rolls Out Photo-tagging Feature

With 610 million active account holders LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform. It has been taking tremendous strides in making improvements to the platform by adding new tools to boost engagements rates on the platform. Now it has announced a new photo-tagging feature on the mobile and desktop version.

This new option enables users to tag other people’s LinkedIn profile while posting photos. The rollout began last month but not all users have access to the platform. The procedure to tag people is extremely simple: When composing an update consisting of a photo, users can tap the tag icon in the top right corner or tap the photo to view the profile search option. Users can then search for the users they wish to tag, even if they are not connected on the platform. Users can tag up to 30 people in a photo.

If someone tags you in a photo, you will get a notification in your tray along with an email informing your of the activity provided you haven’t switched off the tag notifications. Both you and the creator of the tag can remove it if you choose to do so. The photo-tagging feature does raise eyebrows with the apparent issue of spamming since users don’t have to be connected. The plus side is that if used well, it can be an excellent way to attract the attention of other users, boosting engagement and establishing connections.

LinkedIn recently added alternate text for images currently available only on the desktop version of the platform to assist visually impaired users. LinkedIn is also working on its own version of post reactions, stories and even live streaming, all visual-driven content format in an effort to bolster engagement levels on the platform, which are already at an all-time high. Photo-tagging is an interesting addition in a series of moves made by LinkedIn starting from adding stickers, partnering with Adobe to improve targeting, making adjustments in the Trending section, launching a new podcast and adding new insights, all of which happened within 2019.

Most of these features may not be suitable for LinkedIn at first glance but only time and usage stats can tell how effective these manoeuvres will eventually turn out to be.

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