Living in big cities is bad for people’s health

The negative impact of living in cities to citizen’s health has become a major concern nowadays. While people could look into their health condition when living in big cities, their daily habitat is the one behind this.

However, there are plenty of benefits of living in the big cities to the health of people. First, you will get well-equiped hospitals are constructed in cities so that people can be cured and taken care of with the best service. This is because hospitals have advanced equipment and also have qualified doctors and nurses. Second, people will get a number of gym and yoga clubs in big cities. These are the places where people can go and relax after a long day and also do some workout.

However, lives in over-crowded cities can have devastating consequences on as industrialized cities are usually polluted. People may suffer from various kinds of health problem with this pollution. Moreover, people are more stressed here which lead them to mental problem.

But if you maintain a healthy habitat, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to stay in the big cities.

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