Lockdown is a compatibility test for couples

For some couples, lockdown has been a devastating experience. While for other, it has been a bliss. But undoubtedly, it has been a test of compatibility for everyone.

The divorse rate of couples in Wuhan, China has gone up during the times of covid-19 outbreak. The reason behind this is being alone together! The number of domestic-violence cases as well as harassment with women have gone up.
But on the other hand, some have taken it as an opportunity to spend more time with partner and make their bond stronger. These couples otherwise didn’t get time due to their busy schedules. Some of these aren’t married yet but decided to remain under a shelter until lockdown ends. And now, have even decided to marry, since, their relationship has grown stronger and compatible than ever.

In thr other hand, some married couples have realised that this time is crucial for them to discuss about their future and making the relationship better, by deciding on how they’ll give more time to each other even after the lockdown.

The Lockdown isn’t same for everyone. Just like the poors being the maximum sufferers, the couples with less compatibility are the ones who are suffering during the lockdown. But what remains common is the fact that lockdown is a test of compatabiliity and understanding between the partners.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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