Luxury Loot Box Sponsorships Taking Hit On YouTube

Spammy loot box sponsorships aren’t uncommon when YouTube boasts more than a billion active users. However, it tends to become a far grave issue when significantly large YouTube channels are found to be a part of these scams. Talking about which, Jake Paul and Brian “RiceGum” Le are now on the targeted side of spammed users.

Talking about which, Jake Paul and Brian “RiceGum” Le are now on the targeted side of spammed users. At the same time, other content creators aren’t stepping back from calling out these two channels.

Mystery Brand is behind this luxury loot box controversy

Promotion of “Mystery Brand” with a healthy six-figure amount of $100,000 is all this controversial situation is all about. Paul and Le happened to make a sponsored video for the same brand that bagged over 3 million views combined. Out of this staggering number of viewers, there were those who got stuck in the loop of spam and fakeness.

The format listed various unidentified prizes whenever a user spends between $12.99 to $100. Considering the trust Paul and Le have among their followers; it doesn’t seem astonishing to find that many were cheated. While the website mentioned prized ranging from fidget spinners to multi-million mansions, actually shipped products differ considerably from those claimed by the company.

An endless loop of frustration for the viewers of “How I got AirPods for $4”

Both Le and Paul allegedly spent thousands of dollars in their video bagging a number of premium products. For the matter of fact, these two creators managed to get their hands on AirPods and even an iPhone XS. The thumbnails of these two videos clearly showed items like iPads, iPhones, designer shoes and what not.

loot box sponsorships


Pewdiepie refers to luxury loot box sponsorships as “oopsie”

YouTubers dug out the real deal behind the program and started this backlash on Paul and Le. Kavos, Ethan Klein and YouTube king Pewdiepie brought the issue into the light, thus making both the creators understand the gravity of the situation. In response to which, Le came out with the apology video along with offering Amazon gift cards. However, is this going to cover for the money and trust people ended up losing?

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YouTube curbs spam, warns Spam-Subs

It isn’t quite fun to see comments of people mentioning that they’re getting “a fake Bape shirt” for what should’ve been a designer hoodie!

It becomes worthwhile to notice that Mystery Brand has various shady policies listed in their terms and conditions. Nevertheless, YouTube hasn’t stepped forward to taking these videos down yet. Whether anyone won their expensive iPads or not, one thing is clear that you shouldn’t skip research even if it’s your most trusted content creator putting out these luxury loot box sponsorships.

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