Make this Father’s day special with these gifts

To the one who has put all his life ensuring your happiness , sacrificing his needs to fulfill yours, and being strict on you yet with that soft corner for you, HE DESERVES IT ALL!

Yes, he is your dad, and now it’s your turn to make him feel beloved on this father’s day.

If you are nervous or confused about how you should make him feel special on his day, here are a few gifting options:

1. Smartphone
If your dad are still using a three-year old phone which merely works in one go, but he instead chose to gift you one, it’s your turn now. Get him a cool smartphone based on your budget.

2. Customised wallet
Oh yes, not a usual wallet! Get a customised wallet made for him, and he would absolutely love it. You can get his picture printed or may be a family picture, that may make him even more happy.

3. Hand-made gifts
Even if you are just a bit creative, you can choose to make something out of your art and overloaded with love. It may include greetings, family pics, show- pieces or any of his favourites.

4. Plan out any evening
If it’s he who has always been a getaway everytime, it’s ur turn now. Why don’t you plan for an adventurous evening full of his favourite activities and take him or a surprise drive? Trust us , he would feel the world in this one day.

Let him know how special he is to you!

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Aastha Kochar

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