Make Way for Volocopter’s VoloCity Air Taxi

Aren’t we all quite common with the various companies involving taxi drives? Well, let’s turn up this notch by a bit!
Introducing Volocopter with it’s first commercial aircraft – The VoloCity Air Taxi. Read further to know more about this amazing new tech in aircraft and in the taxi sector as a whole.

Make Way for Volocopter’s VoloCity Air Taxi!!

German urban air taxi developer Volocopter has revealed its latest design, called the VoloCity.

The aircraft is the fourth iteration of the company’s electrical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) air taxi and is the first that meets the new European Aviation Safety Agency standards.

Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter said, “The VoloCity is our most powerful Volocopter yet. It is rigorously designed to meet the demands of Urban Air Mobility and incorporates all requirements of the SC-VTOL certification standard established by EASA in July.

“It is a result of all insights we have gathered from our extensive testing programs over the past years. With the VoloCity we will open the first commercial routes and bring Urban Air Mobility to life.”

As for when VoloCity moves from render to reality, Volocopter says that it’s targeting a first public test flight for Q4 of this year in Singapore; where it’ll also show off the prototype of first first VoloPort, pictured in concept images below.


Volocopter is also developing a network of terminals, so-called “VoloPorts” and is working on ways to integrate its air taxis into air traffic management systems of cities. The company, which plans to run the aircraft and infrastructure for fleets of Volocopters, is partnering with companies such as Frankfurt Airport operator Fraport to achieve this.

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Specifications of The VoloCity –

The VoloCity is the fourth-generation eVTOL vehicle that Volocopter  has created; but the first three were created for testing and demonstration purposes; and have flown more than 1,000 times in service of that goal.

The VoloCity, an 18-rotor VTOL with a range of around 35 km (just under 22 miles) and a top speed of about 70 mph; designed for transporting up to two people, including light luggage like backpacks, briefcases or purses.

Basically, Volocopter has paid close attention to safety and comfort with this design; meeting the safety standards set by the European Aviation Safety Agency; including a new stabilizer that hasn’t been a part of the test aircraft (to provide more stability during flight).


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