Make Your Next Trip An Only-Women Vacation

Why should men have all the fun?!
Make your next trip refreshing with just women. It could be a mother-daughter combo or just a whole bunch of friends. Go out there because this is the new age vacation – a women-centric one.

Why Go for an Only-Women Trip?

Whether they are married or single, some women find getting away on women-only tours to be a refreshing way to travel the world

Cheryl McGuire, of Oil Springs, Ontario, has met friends, enjoyed exotic locales and had amazing new experiences because she’s made three trips with Broad Escapes. The 57-year-old has visited Austria and Bavaria; Ireland; and Vietnam and Cambodia and thoroughly enjoyed herself on all three trips.

She enjoys travelling with her husband, but when she wants to experience a location he’s not interested in she hits the road on her own or with her sister-in-law. She is always in good company as part of a tour group organized by Bonnie Hinschberger. “The trips are so well organized and they deliver on promises. I have no worries about travelling by myself,” explains McGuire.


Successfully organizing trips for six years, Hinschberger saw a niche market that she could fill. Two years ago she partnered with Ellison Travel and Tours to form Broad Escapes. “Though group travel is common, with our groups a woman never feels like a third wheel. They can really let their hair down and relax,” she says.

“The ages of the women-only groups range from 40 to 80, with the majority being 50 to 70 years old. Some women go on mother/daughter trips together as part of the group.”

Hinschberger says that half her clientele are married women and half are single, widowed or divorced. “Women tend to be more adventurous, and some husbands don’t want to visit the same destinations as their wives.

Few Real Life Experiences –

Hinschberger’s personal favourite destinations are Kenya and Peru. Of the former, she says, “I’ve always loved nature and seeing the wildlife is exciting for me. When I take the women to Kenya, they are buying the trip to go on safari but people they meet there make the true memory. They get involved in the village they visit, sponsoring children to attend school. It’s a real feel-good experience because you know you’re changing a person’s life.

Deborah Rutherford, 61, of Toronto, has taken four female-centric trips and loved them more each time. First was a shopping trip to New York City, then a two-week trip to Russia, followed by a canoeing trip to Algonquin Park. Finally, she too went on a Kenya trip and agrees that it was a game changer for her. “I had an enriching experience in Africa,” says Rutherford.
Because her trips have been so varied, Rutherford says she feels that the women-only options made the experiences better for her. She’s looking forward to her next trip with Broad Escapes – to Peru later this year.

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Kathy Hayes is from Toronto. The 70-year-old has also taken four women-only trips: Vietnam and Cambodia, Portugal, Morocco and Kenya. She notes that the safety measures built into the trip are one factor that keeps her coming back to Broad Escapes.
Since she’s single, she enjoys travelling with friends. When no one of her immediate acquaintance wants to journey to a destination she desires visiting, she’s pleased that Broad Escapes can match her up with a compatible roommate with their Roommate Matching Program. She says she’s made good friends as a result and is pleased with the cost savings as well, as she doesn’t have to pay the single supplement. “It’s fun to have someone to hash over the day with,” she adds.

I would definitely recommend (going on women-only trips); just say ‘I’m going to do it,’” says Hayes.


  1. Because men thinks they own the world and men takes advantages of women and has no respect for a woman only thing men think about is there own self and how they can hurt someone and not have no responsibility and blame everyone else but them selfs. Men always put the responsibility on others. A women has more responsibility than a man would ever have.

    1. Sounds like a good thing, but as long as there is no men there?? Unfortunately we live in a society, where marriages I tossed away like used cars!! Couples retreats you need to stick money into,… Keep the marriage bond strong!!

  2. This idea sounds great,if I could get away from work I would definitely be interested in this get away.

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