Makeup Trends for Winter 2019

Every woman loves to wear makeup – be it summer or winter. But in winter, you can’t feel your face when you go out. But you can have a good look as far as your make-up’s concerned. Winter brings on cool weather where you can have smoldering eyes, strong red lips, and elevated glitter as well.

Editorial makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran, along with celebrity makeup artist Amy Strozzi, shared their views on this.

A Strong Red Lip

“Red lipstick will always be on-trend,” Jaikaran says. “A bold red makes a statement that can translate from day to night. Keep the rest of your skin and eyes simple so there’s no competition. A glossy eye or winged liner Strozzi is also on board with keeping the rest of your complexion clean so that nothing competes with the main attraction. “A strong red lip is always in style, but looks especially gorgeous in the winter when the deeper tones come out of the drawer,” she says. “The trick is to keep the rest of the face minimal, with well-prepped skin, a groomed brow, and a gentle swipe of mascara, if any at all. If you choose to use a tone on the eye, go for something more neutral and earth toned like a taupe or a bronze.”is the perfect pair.”

Elevated Glitter

“Glitter is such a creative expression and brings a beautiful energy to your makeup,” Jaikaran expresses. “You can choose between subtle shimmer or all-out glitter glam. If glitter is still a little scary for you, try using a glitter eyeliner so you get the effect without too much impact. It’s an easy way to experiment with the trend.”

Full-On Euphoria

“The Euphoria makeup craze led by the show’s lead artist, Doniella Davy, and her right-hand artist Kirsten Coleman won’t be letting up any time soon,” Strozzi explains. “Gone is the fear of glitter, sparkle, and crystal adornments! Pastel eyes with iridescent accents and Swarovski crystals feel like a winter fairy tale come to life. Brands like Pat McGrath to Glossier Play are offering their versions of glitter and sheen, making it possible for anyone to have a little fun with their makeup.”

Blown-Out Blush

“Try sweeping bold blush colors, like red or range, up into the temples to create a runway-ready finish,” Jaikaran shares. “Pinks and Corals are great shades that can translate from fall and winter to spring, as you want to give the skin warmth throughout all seasons. Try using a touch of lipstick and buff out with your fingers to achieve this effortless look.”

Necessary Neutrals

“Neutrals portray the gorgeous tones we see in nature,” says Jaikaran. “Using both matte and shimmery nudes are a great way to pull this trend off. Opt for a mid-tone shade in the crease of your eye using a fluffy brush. Try using a matte shade as well on the lids with a flat eyeshadow brush. If you want to add shimmer, you get maximum pay off when using the tips of your finger to blend.”

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