Maral Yazarloo – Riding Across The World With A Baby Bump

People often associate pregnancy with minimal rest, caution, and minimal physical activity. Pregnant individuals are expected to not do their regular work, let alone taking on additional, dangerous, and rigorous tasks. However, Maral Yazarloo wasn’t one to let pregnancy come in the way of achieving her dream.

Dr. Maral Yazarloo-Pattrick became the first pregnant woman to ride a bike across all 7 continents.

Let’s find out more about Maral’s journey.

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Yazarloo is an Iranian born woman based out of India. She worked as the Vice President of a major real estate company, and had a designer label to her name.

Maral Yazarloo - Riding Across The World With A Baby Bump

In March 2017, Maral quit her job and set off to complete a bike ride across the world, a journey of nearly 110,000 km.

She got married in Machu Picchu after her boyfriend proposed to her during her journey. Maral spent a total of 18 months biking across the world, and she was pregnant for 6.5 months out of the total 18.

“That decision changed many things in me, it made me open my eyes and be real. If I wasn’t expecting, I wouldn’t have been the person I am today. Because I’ve been pushed over all limits, that made me really strong mentally. It has proven to me that I can achieve anything as long as I really want to do it.”


“When you’re pregnant, there’s something very important which the society keeps forgetting. They keep telling us “don’t move, don’t do heavy activity, be careful, something’s going to happen.” We’re always surrounded by advices of caution. But when I was on a ride, I was on an 800cc motorbike, I had the speed, off-roads, different places, slept in a tent, cook whatever I could get. And today when I look at my daughter Nafaas I feel she’s a proof of the fact that when we’re carrying a baby the most important thing for us is to be happy. And I was one of the happiest mothers in the world.”

Maral Yazarloo - Riding Across The World With A Baby Bump


“I was so busy enjoying my ride, finding my route map, deciding which route to take. I didn’t even have a minute for being sick or feel unwell. I had nausea for a couple of days. But I never threw up, I didn’t do anything to delay my ride.”


“As the first Iranian woman world traveler on a bike I got permission and entered Iran and sent my request to the authorities to change the law for women. It wasn’t easy but I’m determined to bring the change.”

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Maral Yazarloo - Riding Across The World With A Baby Bump


“Wasn’t easy, because as you know so many things are changing physically and mentally in you when you become a mother. I wasn’t able to eat everything, had to stay away from raw food and fruits I wasn’t able to wash properly. Everything had to be cooked. And that brought my choices of food really down. Africa wasn’t easy to find food on the road, so I ended up having so many boiled eggs and avocados.”


“When I got home after the world tour, I would still go and start the bike everyday so that she could hear that familiar sound while she was inside me. I believed that was her understanding of the world at that point and I didn’t want to change it.”

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