Mariah Carey’s Twitter account hacked on New Year’s Eve

Famous singer Mariah Carey’s account was hacked on the New Year’s Eve. The hacker tweeted dozens of off-the-wall tweets from her account and offensive statements were made also including racial slurs before Twitter locked the account. However, Twitter confirmed that Mariah Carey’s account had been compromised.

“As soon as we were made aware of the issue, we locked the compromised account and are currently investigating the situation,” the company confirmed in a statement sent to USA TODAY Tuesday.

The hackers claimed to be The Chuckling Squad who broke into the Twitter account of Twitter CEO Jack’s Dorsey last year in August as well as other celebrities. At least one arrest has done in the hacking of Dorsey’s Twitter account, as per the Motherboard. The hackers used a technique called SIM-swapping, where hackers trick a wireless provider into handing over control of a phone number and hack the accounts.

Certainly, this is not the way that Carey wanted to end 2019 and welcome the new year.  “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” said the superstar to become the first artist to rule the Billboard Hot 100 in four decades.

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey

Messages included disparaging comments such as “Eminem has a little penis.” #ChucklingSquad appeared on her account. Some of Carey’s fans asked the hackers to leave her account as well while others asked for the account to follow them too.

One of the tweets from Mariah Carey's hacked Twitter account

A retweet from Mariah Carey's hacked Twitter account.

After hackers took the full control of Dorsey’s account, Twitter suspended accounts as the hackers retweeted and suspended the account that appeared to be responsible for the hack by the hackers.

In 2016, Dorsey’s account was hacked by the hacker group OurMine, which also attacked other high-profile social media accounts including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also. The Twitter CEO is a co-founder of the service, along with Biz Stone and Ev Williams and he also serves as CEO of Square, the payments firm.

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