Mark Zuckerberg: The Recode interview

Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, was interviewed by Recode on the 18th of July, 2018,. At the interview, Mark was keen to focus on his ongoing apology tour, after the infamous Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

In this article, we cover certain important topics which was spoken by Mark, including his shocking idea which might correct all his wrong-doings.

You could have a look at the complete interview conducted by Recode, by clicking here.

Brief Insight on the Cambridge Analytica Scandal – 

Facebook has known since 2015 that Cambridge Analytica, a data-mining company hired by President Trump’s election campaign, improperly obtained the personal data of 50 million of the network’s users—and the social giant failed to do much of anything about it.

This reminded everyone of all the missteps, screw-ups as well as malpractices that Facebook was a part of. Ever since, Mark was continuously busy among the Congress, EU Parliament as well as press junkets. He could do nothing but apologise to everyone and admitted how careless they were in handing this important crises/situation.

Mark and his crazy idea –

Regarding the scandal, Recode had asked Mark if he felt that someone must be fired for their negligence. For this, the 34 year old CEO takes complete responsibility and said, “I designed the platform, so if someone’s going to get fired for this, it should be me.”

But the topic of him getting fired didn’t end there. Recode and Mark ended up arguing about this matter in a fun way. Recode diverts the topic to Privacy, when Mark asked “Do you really want me to fire myself right now?” To this, Recode said “no”. Later on Mark spills out saying, “I think we should do what’s gonna be right for the community.”

Thus thinking about the community’s well-being, maybe this crazy idea of him stepping down, might even work.

His Worst Qualities –

Nobody is sure if the CEO has retained any skills as an engineer, although he is a good businessman. Also, throughout the entire interview, Recode managed to show how Mark doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes.

He pounds on some of his pet peeves and shows that he hasn’t really absorbed or processed criticism. He also gets frustrated when people construe Facebook’s model of selling advertisers access to users based on their data and its inferences about that data as “selling data.”

“Social Network” –

Mark mentioned that he previously considered Facebook as a “utility”. But now, he prefers to call it as “Social Network” rather than “Social Media”.

He says, “Building a network and building relationships is one of the most core things that people do, and that is an enduring utility that people need.”

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Mob Violence and Fake News –

Regarding the mob violence in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India, he says, “It’s often hard, from where we sit, to identify who are the figures who are promoting hate and what is going to… which is the content that is going to incite violence,”

Although, Facebook must answer these questions rather than ignore it.

Bad Judgement –

Speaking of bad judgment, he talks about the Holocaust, saying,

“I’m Jewish, and there’s a set of people who deny that the Holocaust happened.
I find that deeply offensive. But at the end of the day, I don’t believe that our platform should take that down because I think there are things that different people get wrong. I don’t think that they’re intentionally getting it wrong.”


To conclude he says Bill Gates is his hero. So let’s find out if he decides to follow his footsteps. Although Mark knows it’ll take years to build a philanthropic strategy as well reasoned as the Gates Foundation’s approach.

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